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MyBidConnect is a division of WACommerce LLC. Our proprietary Bid-Match platform monitors a variety of federal, state, local and national government bid opportunities – providing relevant, detailed information on bids matching your company's offerings through your personal BidConnect dashboard and daily opportunity notifications via email directly to your inbox. The BidConnect service is an essential tool for any company seeking government contracts, subcontracts and direct sales opportunities.

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Vendor/Business Benefits 

Each business day offers thousands of prospects and potential bids to include direct sales & buying opportunities. Without a tool like MyBidConnect, businesses are actively eliminating themselves from consideration for the billions of dollars in contracts that federal and local governments award the private sector each year. Many of these contracts are in a financial range that a small business would be comfortable pursuing; all contracts run into the millions of dollars is not a true statement.                                                                            

CEO & Co-Founder Kenneth Rivers



US Government: The LARGEST consumer in the world! 

The total spending for Federal, state and local governments is approximately $6 trillion. The Federal government is the largest consumer in the world, with a $4 trillion budget and contract spending of over $500 billion awarded to the private sector every year.
Wouldn't you like a portion of
$500 Billion going to your business?

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Contract Awards for Small Business

Is your company considered a small business based on the SBA? If you're a solepreneur are you to small?  Approximately 98.7% of all companies in America are considered small businesses by (SBA size standards), yet less than - 22% of Federal contracting dollars are awarded
to small businesses.


Women Owned Business

SBA estimates that approximately 41% of all US companies are owned by women, yet less than 4.3% of Federal contracting dollars are awarded to women owned small businesses.
Why is that? 

Proper Registration & Certification

Minority Owned Firms Win?

Minorities make up 43.9% of the US population, yet only 7.8% of Federal contracting dollars are awarded to minority firms. Why is there such a disparity in this market segment in America? How can we help small companies in this demographic succeed in the Government Marketplace? 

Government Contracting Bootcamp

About MyBidConnect & WACommerce LLC.

MyBidConnect is a direct result of development, testing & feedback received from local businesses on features that would be most beneficial for Vendors, Buyers, Suppliers & Job Seekers, as well as Investors interested in supporting local businesses. 

MyBidConnect is a contract management tool of WACommerce LLC., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Consulting Company. We help small to medium sized businesses understand the government marketplace, bid and win government contracts… Our team shares over 17 years of experience in this industry. WACommerce provides the right education, training, tools, market intelligence and coaching to make your success possible. 

MyBidConnect BidMatching Portal – is your proprietary leads resource for Federal, State, Local and Private Contracts, Subcontracts and Direct Sales Opportunities.

MyBidConnect is a premier business opportunity portal created through the support of local businesses focused on “Community Stewardship, Economic Development & Keeping Local Dollars Local!”

WACommerce Team through the use of our proprietary Bid-Match Platform, strategic  marketing strategies and coaching programs we are commited to “Keeping Local Dollars Local” We help clients secure opportunities here in the Northwest and across the US. 


WACommerce is a Consultanting Member of Government Contractors Association & use GovFast Track Software to help clients navigate the Government Market...
*Discount rates available for members on
coaching and other products & services.

Government Contracting

If you think about Government Contracting is like an Iceberg, what you see above the surface are the billions of $$ dollars being spent on contracts annually. The water surface represents the various platforms, products and services available to support business owners with contract awards..

Its below the water line that counts!  Sifting through regulations, certifications, marketing your business and addressing proposals is where WACommerce and our associates can bring clarity and help you navigate through the Government Marketplace. We help EDUCATE - FACILITATE - & ADVOCATE for small businesses with a focus on "Keeping Local Dollars Local" through our experience, proven tools, techniques and strategic partnerships available to help your business succeed in the Government Market.


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